Ways To Treat Anxiety With Music Therapy

Listening or writing music can help relieve anxiety as well as improve your overall health. During stressful and anxious moments, our bodies suddenly relax when we listen to a song we enjoy. Music therapy uses licensed and trained professional to create personalized programs that can include singing, playing music, listening to your favorite music or even writing music to help improve psychological, physical, social and cognitive functioning. After a close examination and evaluation of an anxious or stressed person, a music therapist creates a program that will address individual needs. Below are five ways to treat anxiety with music therapy.

1. Listening to the music that you enjoy

The music that you will enjoy at a certain time depends on your mood. Sometimes soothing music will help you relax and forget life hassles while other times, an upbeat music may be just what you need to enhance your outlook in life.

2. Use Technology

You can use your tablet, computer or iPod to listen to your favorite music throughout the day. If you are stuck in traffic, on lunch hour break in school or work, or waiting for an appointment, putting your headphones to block the stress around you and listen to good music can greatly help you relax and reduce anxiousness.

3. Look for local live music performances

Listening to live performances by your favorite artists can also help you forget your daily hassles. You can check online or the daily newspaper for performances that you will enjoy. Or if you like to overcome anxiety today, checkout http://www.nervousnovelist.com/.

4. Write a song

It is much easier to express your feelings and emotions through lyrics or music than speaking how you feel. In this case, the music or lyrics are yours, so you do not have to worry if other people will love it.

5. Take time to analyze your favorite lyrics

As you listen to your favorite song, analyze the lyrics and try to find out why they are meaningful to you or why you can relate to them.